About the portal

The aim of the portal Glagolitic.eu is to bring together digital copies of Croatian Glagolitic heritage and to make them available to researchers, students, pupils and the general public. Glagolitic heritage is stored in the treasuries of numerous Croatian and foreign institutions. Everyone interested in learning about the history, the meaning and the beauty of Glagolitic script finds it hard to reach the originals or their digital copies and to see the entirety of the rich, yet spatially scattered, collections of Croatian Glagolitic script.

The portal brings together the rich Glagolitic heritage (books, manuscripts, inscriptions, chants and other monuments) found in various institutions and contextualizes it with the help of modern technology. The portal contains some of the most important monuments of Glagolitic heritage, such as the first Croatian book printed in the Croatian language, the 1483 _Missal by the Law of the Roman Court, the Law Code of Vinodol, as well as the works published by the Senj, Rijeka and Urach printing houses along with the relevant information sources such as transcripts, commentaries, professional and scientific papers.

The portal homepage shows the chronological overview of the library material on the timeline, along with an overview of Glagolitic printing houses, while for several works a parallel viewing of the original and the transcription is enabled.

The portal was created at The Center for Development of the Croatian Digital Library of the Croatian Institute for Librarianship at the NSK.

I – the eleventh letter of the Glagolitic azbuka, a coordinating conjunction, refers to the Egyptian ideogram – a hand, symbolizing unity. The portal Glagoljica.hr is the result of the work of a large number of contributors, joined by a common goal − to collect the rich Glagolitic heritage and make it available to the public.
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